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Innovations in Testing

Updated: Feb 17, 2021

Innovations in Testing ¹ is the annual conference of assessment industry experts, professionals and vendors. I've attended a few times, and always enjoyed the experience. Each year focuses on a different theme. The 2018 theme is "communicating the value of testing."

I found one of the conference's memorable (in my opinion) sessions on YouTube . This 5-minute session from the conference a few years ago tackled risk assessment and security of certification programs. You are probably aware of the many brain dump sites that sell stolen exam questions labeled as "review questions guaranteed to make you pass." I think you will enjoy this glimpse into keeping program content secure. On a related note, I wrote a LinkedIn article on the potential cost of stolen exams a couple of years ago.

If you have existing certification offerings or considering starting a program, I recommend sending one of your team members to attend this conference even once. Discussions and sessions include trends, best practice, new techniques, and there is a plethora of testing vendors to meet. The cost is lower than the technology conferences held in Las Vegas.

Remember to bring a list of requirements or goals at the event. It can get overwhelming. Are you looking for a new exam vendor, or are you going attend the testing 101 sessions, or do want to know the trends in testing data analytics and metrics?


¹ Innovations in Testing is the conference offered by the Association of Test Publishers. Registration takes you to a SSL secure site.

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