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The Vetting Syndrome

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

Essential to offering a reliable and valid exam is the task of question vetting. Question vetting involves experts examining and/or editing questions to make it free of any mistakes.¹

  • grammar and global language review

  • technical accuracy review

  • alignment to the exam objective and level of difficulty

  • referenced by current documentation

If you have never experienced a question-vetting session, I think, the best way is to recreate a scene and step into the roles that would be involved in this aspect of exam development. I created a five-page screenplay to give you this learning experience.

The film industry counts one page of screenplay as one minute on screen which makes this activity 5 minutes long. Download the free PDF, take a break with your team and do a table read of The Vetting Syndrome.


  • What is the significance of the number of subject matter experts in this scene?

  • Why was "best bang for the buck" edited out of the question?

I hope you enjoyed this instructional activity and welcome to The Certification Channel!


Keywords: testing, exam, vetting, Angoff, Ebel, cut-score, screenplay, script, table read, training, learning, instructional activity, proofread, psychometry, review

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