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Certified Functional Tester using Windows Runner

The Certified Functional Tester using Windows Runner validates techniques on automated functional testing.

The exam purpose is optionally defined from the Exam Manager console


This exam is designed for a candidate with at least two years of hands-on experience developing automated functional test scripts using Windows Runner as a member of a software implementation project. The candidate has multi-year experience as a manual functional tester or QA and knows at least one programming language such Java or C++.

I've read and agree to write questions that meet the level of the minimum candidate qualifications.

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Recommend a test plan for the customer

Difficult (This question requires three conditions. View a sample and directions.


PlatformEX2 is feature-rich to guide a subject matter expert through the proper techniques to write exam questions in easy to follow directions

  The UI distinguishes subject matter experts and assessment experts. Easy-to-understand terms for SMEs, and assessment industry terms for exam managers

  These settings are defined from the Exam Manager console.

The exam objectives (topics) and cognitive levels are set up from the Exam Manager console. The Rigor settings are based on Bloom's revised cognitive levels and can be activated or not.

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You are required to build a test script with checkpoint parameters. However, there are objects of type unknown along with standard GUI objects. How would a functional tester handle the unknown objects in the script?

Add the options and mark the correct answer

Create a basic test and skip the unknown objects

Use the VB component to record virtual objects

Modify Window Runner's INI file

All of the above

There is built-in intelligence to note non-accepted formats for rigorous exams. This is an optional setting in the Exam Manager console

! Review needed:

There is no correct answer marked.

All of the above is a poor option. 

Options should be of similar or parallel length.

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